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Blog comments are more than just a vanity metric and while they’re not the only metric you should focus on, they are one of the best ways to get closer to your audience.
It’s also important that I mention how certain blogs have been removing blog comments, Copyblogger did it and so did Chris Brogan.

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If you are going to add commentary, state clearly what you liked about the post, or mention how the post has helped or enlightened you as a reader. If you have additional information, add it within the context of your comment.
Have you tweeted the post? If so, mention it in your comment. This will let the blogger know that you respect what he/she has written and that you appreciate and value the great work that he/she does.

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Next, whenever you read a post that you find useful or meaningful in some way, think about how you can add value to that post.
If you read a post that you think is deserving of only a “good info” or “good share”, then you don’t have anything meaningful to add to the post, and don’t comment. But, if you liked the post, you should consider sharing the article to show your appreciation and/or respect.

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Let’s talk about how to develop a practice of good, strong, meaningful commenting that will benefit you and your fellow bloggers and readers.
First, I suggest that you sign up for Gravatar so that you can add a personal image or brand image to your commenting profile. This is a must-have requisite when looking to brand yourself.

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Such comments may be positive in nature, but they add no value whatsoever to the post. Nobody wants to read a meaningless drivel that simply takes up space. A blog’s commenting feature should only be used
f you are making the mistake of adding meaningless 2-3 word comments on various blogs, you are wasting your time, and more importantly, you are wasting the time of the other blogger — annoying fellow bloggers is not the point of commenting.

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